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I Was Here (Beyonce Music Video and Impact)

Oh goodness, it’s my birthday today. Yay! Yippeee! Woo Hoo! I love, love my special day.

Before we get to celebrating, I wanna share a little story with you.

Last year, on my birthday, I made you a promise. I promised you I would shine my brightest light and offer the world what I uniquely have to offer. I promised I would start teaching women how to rock their businesses (and their juicy lives).

When I made that promise to you, I knew that if I stepped out, it would give you and other women and men the permission (energetically) to step out too. Cuz we’re all connected. When one of us makes the decision to “own it”, it has a huge impact on the world.

Well, I did it! More details on that another day but I did it! I was soooo frickin’ scared. (yup, even with lots of success under my belt, I still get super scared when I step out).

Time for a little honest reveal…I tried to sabotage, waited til the last minute, invalidated my gifts in all sorts of ways. But, I walked through my fear and I DID IT!!!!

The thing is, first I had to decide that I was more passionate about making the difference I came here to make than I was about my fear. That’s what pulled me forward. (hint, hint)

I made this birthday vid so you could up turn on your inspiration and turn down whatever keeps you playing small.

If you haven’t yet, turn up the volume, press play and let your inspiration flow.

As soon as I heard it, I downloaded this song on every device I own to keep myself inspired. This vid is my tribute to Beyonce, to all of you and to the life I’ve led so far.

To see this epic lady in action, go watch her vids I Was Here (Live at Roseland) and I Was Here (United Nations World Humanitarian Day). She knows how to bring down the house!

In closing I want you to know what an impact you’ve made in my life in the last few years. Every time you say yes, every time you have the courage live the life you really want, my heart expands and my big mission is fulfilled. I adore and appreciate you!!!!!

If you’re feelin’ it, I’d love some bday warm fuzzies and to read what inspired you!!!

Big hugs and so much love,

Kristin Sweeting Morelli

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  1. Joy says:

    I love how you shine in this world, the way you open, your wisdom, your honesty, and the sparkle that makes us all want to do it too. So glad you keep putting it out there, and pulling us in. Its awesome and inspiring !!!

  2. Karolina Eleonóra says:

    You emanate so much love, motherhood and nurturing.. Thank you for being like no other biz coach Kristin. I’m going to let you inspire me and lead me this year of 2015.

  3. Nina-Maria says:

    I love your version of this song! Thank you and – Happy, happy Birthday!! I´ll celebrate mine tomorrow and I´ll start the day with your song :)

  4. Diana Fruitypants says:

    Happy Birthday Kristin!

  5. Angela Hernandez says:

    LOVE the video! And Happy BIRTHDAY Kristin….. YOU are amazing!!!

  6. Sandra Marianna Skals says:

    Amazing! :)
    Happy birthday!

  7. You are so beautiful and inspiring. Happy Birthday!

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  9. Steve Tate says:

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  10. Kristin~ To be watching this now, moves me, reminds me of all the ways I have let my light be seen. Even when it felt as if I could not one step more, I did, because to not do so felt such an impossibility for me.

    I have had the incredible privilege of watching you grow these past few years, and what a gift it has been. What an Extraordinary Gift you have been!

    I can feel that freedom. Touching upon it now…
    In Such Sweet Warmth~

  11. Julia M says:


    I believe I’ve mentioned that, though *ahem* ; )

    • **Kristin Sweeting Morelli** says:

      Julia, it’s gonna be epic, lady!!! (and epic in my world is quite big) I’ll be announcing more very, very soon!! xoxo, K

  12. I just watched your birthday video again Kristin, after finishing listening to all the CD’s from the Quantum Money Magnet Workshop and found myself covered in waves of goosebumps with tears of joy in my eyes.

    I wish so much tonight, that I could give both you and David huge hugs, love, and gratitude for all the gifts you give me, each time I tune in and listen to what you lovingly teach.

    I was never able to hear the money magnet CD’s til recently, when Apple, at their expense, replaced my optical reader 1.5 years AFTER my warranty went out. The first CD I put in was the Daily Meditations. I listened for them for 2 days and miracle #1 came; I saved my home from eviction and not only manifested the amount requested but also 3 months which paid me up through February. Then, two $250 checks showed in the mail on the same day and I received a call a day later from an associate from my work on recent political campaigns, asking me to meet her at a local market, where she handed me a $250 check with the request that I put in towards classes I want to take and a huge thank you for all I have been doing. Regular employment has been hard to come by in our region of Colorado so imagine my surprise last Thursday when I received a call from the director of United Way in our region, asking if I would consider being her p/t assistant and another call that afternoon offering me a full-time, year-round position as Director of Community Outreach. Both jobs will work together perfectly. This afternoon, in between listening to the last of the money magnet CDs and this video, I spoke for 2.5 hours with the founder of the org I’ll be working for full-time. She had spent the afternoon with a homeless man and called me for resources while still with him. I told her of many ideas I had seen while touring food pantries and homeless shelters that had culminated in my own idea of forming a coalition of restaurants, hospitals, social services orgs, businesses, etc. and to purchase a lunch/catering truck which would pick up left overs from Aspen area restaurants and take hot/cold food and drink to homeless areas of our valley. The truck would be outfitted with a paramedic that could assess people visually then administer help or get necessary medical care, as well as a person familiar with all different entities who care for the different needs and getting people back on their feet. We’ll also have fresh socks, basic care bags, blankets, hats, etc. In the summers, we’ll take set schedules with schools prior to summer vacation, letting children know what times and locations they can come to in order to still have lunch during the summer months.

    I believe ALL of this came out of me listening to my inner voice, locating the CDs, doing the work while listening to both of you and learning how to let go, believe, receive and most of all, be grateful for every little thing in every moment. Thank you both so much. This has been the most magical of Christmas seasons, ever. <3

    • **Kristin Sweeting Morelli** says:

      Woo Hoo Kim!!! Keep opening to those miracles dear one…..keep letting them come. xoxox, K

  13. Julia M says:

    Oh my gosh, where do I even start?? You are so beautiful and authentic and nurturing!! Always show up at the right time in my inbox, so in tune with what’s going on in the lives of your students!

    I did the 40 DN program last fall and 3 days in, the man who would go on to coach me in amazing ways in business & life walked into my living room (I didn’t know him before then). A few months later I opened my yoga studio and finally figured out how to make the ideas in my head tangible!!

    I have so many Oprah-esque things to share with the world – the studio is just the beginning. I want to take a huge part of it online. Literally the DAY I felt ready to start, I received you & David’s email about the online business training . . . and Jude asked me to partner on a bigger studio!

    So many things are coming together, and I am SOOO, soo thankful for your online training. Can’t wait* for it to start!!!!!!

    (*I use the phrase “can’t wait” very carefully . . . energetically I don’t want to rush things or jump in before I’m ready. But I feel soooo so ready to start . . . can’t wait – hahaha!! ; )

    So much love to you, K!!!!


  14. Di Ochsenham says:

    Awesome!! So Awesome! You are an amazing woman, I admire you so much! This is such an inspiration… A few days ago I wanted to write to you and say…”What has shifted in you, what have you let go of as you feel different…even more amazing, and more open” And then I saw this! WoW! What a courageous woman you are! Thank you Kristin, for being an awesome Inspiration!

    • **Kristin Sweeting Morelli** says:

      Di, xoxoxox, I love that my life inspires you. Your courage inspires me too! K

  15. Vesa says:

    Hej:) I just loved the video ” I was here” . I have written a short book about unconditional self-love. I would love to e-mail it to you and maybe you could give me honest comments?
    Namaste// Vesa

  16. Denis says:

    Happy Birthday Kristin

  17. Basir says:

    Kristin Sweeting Morell hello I love you!
    Thanks for your letter tristfu about the death of my children to innocent people die every day in Afghanistan

  18. Beth says:

    Kristin, it is inspiring to see you enjoying your life this much. Happy Birthday to you and may your dreams bring you more than you even imagined.

  19. Lea says:

    Love you
    Love you
    Love you
    just listened to it again, so fricking awesome
    I wish for myself that I step out the coming year for myself and can sing out loud from now on

    thanks Kristin for all you’ve done
    Hope to meet you one day in person

  20. Angie says:

    Hi Kristin and all of you who posted comments. Your enthusiasm is inspiring!
    Thank you for sharing.

  21. Karen Hasstedt says:

    Happy belated Birthday Kristin :) . You are amazing! What I love about you most is how freakin honest and pure you are. Your vid is wonderful and really inspires me to keep my essence shinning every day… LOVE YOU!!

  22. Paige says:

    Dear Kristin,
    You look like you are having SOoo much fun making that video. Bravo to you for celebrating life, love and happiness! Rock on Hot Mama! – Paige
    p.s. your joy is infectious. thank U : )

  23. Vivi says:

    Happy belated birthday Kristin :-) You are beautiful, thank you for inspiering so many people to believe they are good enough as they are. You are doing a wonderful job :-) Thank you :-)

  24. Carina Gräsbeck says:

    Lots of late but warm congratulations Kristin on your birthday! I feel kind of proud to almost be part of your video :-) and looking forward to what´s happening next!
    I´m happy that you dared!

  25. Dear Kristin,

    A bit late, but happy birthday, gefeliciteerd, from the Netherlands. Do i need to say more than, you rock! And Whoohoo!
    I posted your video, to share your inspiration, thank you. Keep on rocking!

  26. Lisbeth says:


  27. Dana da Ponte says:

    Wow!!! Happy Happy Birthday. Thank you for shining your light and encouraging me to do the same. You are like the big sister I never had…paving the way and showing me what is possible and even stopping to make sure I don’t settle for less than I deserve. I’ve never met anyone who cared as much as you do about all her sisters. Like I mean you deep down all the way really truly no bullshit care. It’s beautiful and you deserve to see your best year yet.

  28. Lea says:

    Girl you rock!!!!
    Had tears of LIFE in my eyes watching and listening to you!!! And I felt, yes yes yes it is more then time for me to say I WAS HERE and I lived and I mattered and I served. Thanks for that. You are a special soul. xo Lea

  29. Azeem says:

    Many many happy returns of the day, Happy birth day to you dear,May God full fill all your desires and happiness.

  30. edna says:

    Happy birthday, more power, and god bless!!!

  31. Happy Birthday from Australia! It’s already 15th here but … who cares! Have fun! Your energy is so amazing, inspirational, warm, sparkling, … I really enjoy it!
    xxx Karolina

  32. **Kristin Sweeting Morelli** says:

    hilarious..I’m on David’s computer and it posted as him :) :) :)

  33. Heidi says:

    I love your sparkle, your zest, your passion. Your passion to help others and make a difference makes you even more beautiful – funny how that works. Probably because it’s true that inward beauty does shine outwardly.

    (Personally, I’m NOT crazy about Beyonce, but don’t hold it against me, haha)

  34. Happy B-day, Kristin, to you and your KSM biz!!!
    Just wanted to share as many of us have that you shine so bright here, so full of life. Thank you for sharing what it looks like to be your fullest self, and live life with the volume knob at “11″.

  35. Joe Gaethofs says:

    You did the trick the Video worked this time,beautiful Loved it god bless Joe

  36. Glenda says:

    Happy Birthday Kristin! Keep shining sweet lady!

  37. Ellie says:

    Happy Birthday Kristin…What an awesome Video…Love your Power!!!
    You go girl:)

  38. Trish H says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Kristin and thank you so much for stepping out and being you! You know, the first time I saw you and David was in your videos for the Everything is Energy World Summit 2011. I was not sure about the two of you, but I opened myself up and listened . . . and I am soooooo thankful that I did!!!!! I learned so much from the Summit and various calls you did last fall. I missed you last spring and summer! Thank you for coming back to share your knowledge and all of you!! Thank you, thank you!!!

    PS : I loved the video too! Bet you had a hoot shooting it!!!

    Sending lots of love and appreciation,
    Trish H

    • **Kristin Sweeting Morelli** says:

      ha ha Trish, I don’t think you’re the only one who’s “not sure about us” at first. So glad you leaned in!! xo, Kristin

  39. Danny Emmons says:

    Happy birthday Kristin, your video of chapters of life was better than a cup of expresso, very much Inspired… You are Blessed. Danny

  40. Cheryl Kwellek says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Kristin, you beautiful, shining goddess!! I cried while I watched your video. I have stepped on the path of who I truly am, and I have to thank you for the guidance I’ve gotten from you. Doors are opening that I wasn’t seeking and I’ve learned to receive the precious gifts and be grateful for what comes my way. I think this is just the beginnning. I am working on a website and hope to have it done in a week or so. Many hugs and love to you, Precious Woman.

    • **Kristin Sweeting Morelli** says:

      oh lady, I love what you have to say here. You are so welcome for guidance and I’m super thrilled you’re steppin’ out!!

      xoxo, K

  41. Katerina says:

    Thank you Kristin for being such an inspiration. I love how you can be brave, vulnerable, honest, loving,and funny.. all at the same time. You are showing us the way!!! xoxoxo, Katerina
    PS: The video makes me cry every time I watch it. THANK YOU:)

    • **Kristin Sweeting Morelli** says:

      Katerina, I love this post woman! I really wanted you all to see many sides of me in this and it warms me to know you are. A big hug to you, Kristin

  42. Sue says:

    Kristin! Happy, Happy Birthday!
    I like your authentic style!

    Sue Merritt

  43. LOVE the video! LOVE you! LOVED working with you during 40DN last year and my life has DEFINITELY been so positively impacted by you and your presence in the world! LOVE the video!!!!! xoxoxoxox

  44. Brigit says:

    Ahhhhh Kristen you have moved me to tears with your passion. I can’t keep my finger of the replay button. Haha, I feel like I am sitting on a giant landmine containing my life’s purpose. The pressure building, my something wants to hatch. I have been playing small, unsure of my essence, looking for my flavour. I have lived my life pleasing others, trying to fit in, doing doing doing, never feeling full. Life outside myself fizzling out. The octane of my being, impossible to keep submersed any longer. Fear staring me in the face with all it’s flamboyant voices. To leave my song unsung, live my life unlived, holding back the fire inside of me that wants to burn, take flight, ignite my world with my essence would be the ultimate crime.
    You are seriously contagious girl!!!!! Thanks for shining brightly, being brave, showing the world who you are.
    Happy, happy Birthday. I’m glad you came.
    Love Brigit

    • Cathi Ketterling, Team KSM says:

      I, too, am moved to tears. Kristin is so freaking inspiring! Go for it, girl and live your passion. Believe!

    • **Kristin Sweeting Morelli** says:

      oooooh la la Brigit! LOVE this. xoxo, K

  45. Vernise says:

    Happy Birthday Kristen!!! That video was awesome! Looks like you had a blast making it! I hope to one day meet you, you are truly an inspiration! God bless~

    • **Kristin Sweeting Morelli** says:

      Vernise, beforehand I was so frickin’ nervous. I thought everyone would laugh at me. But once I got started, it was soooo much fun! xoxo, K

  46. Tamara says:

    I am sure you had the most amazing birthday and will continue to rock the celebration for days and weeks to come.
    You are such a gift to this world and especially to women. I’m sobbing right now with tears of gratitude streaming down my face. But the tears are more than gratitude, they’re also my soul screaming to live my purpose. You and David and Everything is Energy released my soul’s permission to get on that path and I can’t wait to keep taking steps, baby or giant leaps, right into what I’m meant to be.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for living your own purpose so passionately.
    Love, Tamara (aka DGMommy)

    • **Kristin Sweeting Morelli** says:

      that’s right woman, take the perfect size steps for you. i’m happy this video touched you. xoxo, K

  47. Dear Kristin,
    Happy B’day! The video clip is fantastic! Your work is so authentic and so timely! Thank you so much! I have learned so much from you and David. Many things have changed in the last year in having the confidence to step up and shine in my own way.No whizz bang stuff, but many bridges have been crossed within myself and I have seen the effect it has had on my outer world.
    When are you coming to we Aussies!
    Love Bronnie

    • **Kristin Sweeting Morelli** says:

      Bronnie, the Aussies keep showing up these days. Maybe we’ll make a family trip there and work in a little biz??!! Congrats on your progress. xoxo, K

  48. Katharina says:

    I am stoked Kristin! You speak from my heart. I hear the calling. YES! This ore better! ;-)

  49. Katharina says:

    This is gonna be my daily meditation from today on!!!! It’s time to rock it out!!!! Yeah!!! xxxooxxx Thank you Kristin for all your courage to show up in your true essence! You are a role model and help me with permitting myself to show my greatness to the world!

  50. Koula says:

    Like it, full of energy.
    Happy birth day

  51. Katharina says:

    I absolutely LOVE this film!!!

  52. hailu says:

    happy birthday kristin.
    keep up the good work.
    nd tnx for the vid it really made me question ma life.

  53. Kristin,
    You most amazing gorgeous Goddess … Happy Birthday!!!!! You continue to inspire me … over and over … and you have just ramped the game up big time! I absolutely love your video and how you shine!!
    Wishing you an incredible week and year filled with love and beauty and joy and fun and oh so much magic and wonder! Yes, yes, we are changing the world by truly stepping up and being who we are — all of who we are — boldly and beautifully and honestly. You continue to show me the way and push me and love me, and give me the courage to know I have value to offer the world… NOW … even with the fear. RYB with you is simply amazing … I’m doing it … Woohoo!!
    Thank you for being such a light and for all you continue to offer me. I feel so blessed to know you.
    Sending loads of love and big heart hugs,

  54. Ashwin Raghavan says:

    Each moment is precious and a chance to give and I am so grateful that each moment, you choose to love and be loved. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and hope you let it serve as a reminder of all those moments you have chosen love and a re-commitment to sharing your true essence and being for so many more amazing moments. Ellie Nolan, my beautiful, fierce and extraordinary girlfriend and a partner I am incredibly fortunate to have with me in this life, has learned so much from you. She has really come into her “say what you mean, mean what you say” essence-skill” you helped her discover and is going to change the world. She connects with her tribe every night in order to create the life she most deeply desires and serve the people all around her as she sees in you (in her own way of course). Although I have only briefly been acquainted with you at this past Everything is Energy event, I know you have positively impacted so many people and I know you will change the lives of so many more people down the road with your love and guidance. Thank you Kristin for being here. You, Ellie and I have the same purpose: love.

    • **Kristin Sweeting Morelli** says:

      Ashwin, this means so much to receive from you. I’ve loved serving Ellie in RYB. She’s a true rockstar!!! xo, K

  55. Janna says:

    Happy Birthday you luscious Goddess!! You have loved, supported and inspired me in a way I have never been before in my life. I have leaned on your beautiful BIG energy and learned that I could be the person I have wanted to be in the world serve the way I have always dreamed of. Your love, your genius, your insight just blows me away every time I am in your presence. Thank you for being our Mama Bear, for believing in us, inspiring us, and modeling for us that it can be FUN while we rock it out in the world. I prayed for you.. and you appeared in my life. and now I have COME ALIVE AGAIN because of you!! I am so glad you were born.. Hope you had a rockin fabulous birthday. I love you!!

    • **Kristin Sweeting Morelli** says:

      I am one fierce Mama Bear and I love you all!!! Thanks for receiving all that love and triple thanks for my gorgeous bday wish. xo, K

  56. Ellie says:

    When I first heard of you and David and your entwined purpose to make your relationship into a vessel to help the world live up to their highest spiritual potential (and with such pizazz, too!) , I felt my prayers had been answered. I had a burning desire to know more, and jumped at the chance to come to the free EIE Live event. While at EIE, I got a deep “YES” for Enwaken and began my journey to create a career as an energy coach which was amazing in itself, but that was not all that happened… Kristin, when I experienced your way of being live in that room, I knew that I would do whatever it took to bring what was so enthralling about the way I experienced you out in myself. I saw in you what I had been looking for in a female role model since I was five years old, someone who (despite having the passing resistance to shining that comes with being human), takes no BS from anyone (including herself!), who isn’t willing to settle for anything less than the fierce fulfillment of the gifts she can give to the world, who is committed to holding the mirror of truth to herself and any who ask it despite fear of reprisal, who loves and values all part of herself imperfectly, who trusts her intuition and who makes intentions HAPPEN! And you do this all from a beautiful balance of feminine and masculine energy, with a strongly feminine essence, an approach that feels so spacious and alive to me.
    Already I’ve gained so much from hearing your stories and watching you in action, particularly as you take steps towards your realizing your dreams, ESPECIALLY THIS ONE!! WOOHOO! To be honest, I didn’t really know it was possible to live the way you do, as I had never seen a powerful woman I could identify with up close. This is not to discount the other women in my life in any way, but a trail like the one you’ve blazed is one I want to dance on down to MY success, the path of intentionally and strategically using one’s resources and gifts to empower as many as possible (for me, particularly young adults!).
    One day at the beginning of the summer I was really dragging my feet on taking action for fear of triggering someone around me, but then I decided to bring all my energy into my core the way you told us RYBers to practice. From there I finally connected with my deepest commitment, turned it up good and hot, asked myself “how far am I willing to go?” and legit, I cried out into the middle of my living room “I will be myself if it kills me!” THAT’s how committed I’ve chosen to be after being around you, sistah! After making that level of a decision, moving forward became if not always a piece of cake, at least much easier than before :P . Taking my gifts and skills to the world through my business is definitely the next step in unfolding my essence, and I am thrilled to work through whatever resistance comes up to let this experience be fast, transformative and fun…and best of all, to be doing it alongside you! Thanks SO much for stepping out, Kristin. Like a boss B-),
    Happy birthday,

    • **Kristin Sweeting Morelli** says:

      Ellie, you are so Boss!! I adore coaching you. You got a big mission girl and you’ve just gotta let that passion pull you through the fear. You’ve got the goods girrrrll. xo, K

  57. Stephanie says:

    Inspiring!… May You have the best Birthday so far :)
    Love lots! Stephanie

  58. Ann says:

    Awesome, Lady!!! You and David have helped me so much to rock my life. I love the energy and the message. Have a wonderful day! Much love.

  59. Alison Joy says:

    I love it Kristin! Thank yooooou for being you! Happy Birthday xxxx

  60. Hello and Happy Birthday! Wow is all I can say about your website, your song, your video, your beautiful smile & Spirit! Wow, thank you! i am a new fan and grateful for this Christmas Present

  61. Karla says:

    Happiest of Birthdays Beautiful Goddess!!! Your beauty shines brigtht inside and out! We are all so fortunate to have you in this world!!! Keep Rockin it!!! Thanks for being YOU!!!
    Love & Light

  62. Happy Birthday, Kristin, you amazing, gorgeous goddess!! I keep coming back to what you said to us RYBers about how we got ourselves to that room, and we said yes, and we got past Carla, and that makes us amazing! When I start to slip back into doubts and unworthiness, I remember what you have to say about my genius and my brand. My BRAND, OMG! I never thought I’d have a brand. What can I say? Words fail. I just wanna be you when I grow up! :) Have a wonderful rest of your day!!! (And here’s a Happy Birthday to David and Jackson too!) LOVE YOU LADY! Jude

  63. Connie says:

    Happy Happy B day. Love all the good stuff!!!!

  64. Joy Hall says:

    We were here-eeere… For your birthday!
    We’ll be near-eeere… Following your way!
    We know where we’re headed thanks to you-ooooo and Dave.
    Happy ever after, you powerful Babe!

  65. Tina says:

    You give me hope that it is possible to have it all! Thanks. Happy Birthday and sincere wishes for many more.

  66. Kristin,

    Happy, happy birthday and congratulations on an amazing website. I loved the video. Now I really get what you were saying:-)

    Thank you so much for guiding me to step into me and into authenticity. You model that in every way. Whereas before I was afraid to speak to my tribe, now I feel part of it.

    With love and appreciation for who you are!

    • Teresa - Team KSM says:

      Your growth has been amazing in Kristin’s Rock Your Biz Mastermind group! Keep following her lead and stepping forward.

  67. Nanci says:

    Dear Kristen:

    Happy Birthday!!!! Thank you for being an inspiration for me. I have grown soooo much during RYB and am so grateful for your wisdom, your leadership, and your authenticity. You have been an awesome role model. Congratulations on letting your light shine so bright!
    I love it!

    Sending you lots of Love and more Light,
    Nanci Deutsch

  68. Pam says:

    Knowing I walk a different path and opted to clear away the bushes of my life and feel free, your video reminds me I am who I am and its great. You stepped into this world and an earth quake hit. Again you hit us with another earthquake to wake us up again. While there is no word in any language to thank you from the bottom of my soul your music video says it all. My birthday is the 17 and if I can impact even .01% of those I come in contact with as you have, then I can leave this life happy and fulfilled. Thank you Kristen!

  69. Happy birthday dear heart touching Kristin!
    The video definitely touched my heart as you have on many occasions! Thank you for reaching in and touching the still scared soul afraid of truly sharing who I am. You and Life keep tapping to let me know – I am grateful you have not given up on me and reach out with you grace, enthusiasm, skill, love, compassion, raw self and much more! I am committed to continuing this journey we have partnered on and live life fully!
    Continue enjoying your many celebrations of being you and the first year of KSM!
    love, hugs and blessings!

    • Teresa - Team KSM says:

      This is beautiful Sandy. Thanks for sharing the difference Kristin has made in your life.

  70. kimberly says:

    Happy birthday, you’re much too marvelous!

  71. Ayisha says:

    Happy Lovely Birthday! You are an Awesomeness Crazy Goddess & I love it!!!! I’m looking forward to working with you in 2013. I am ready to rock my Life, Business & the World. Thank you for being a Sparkling Inspiration. Love Ya ~ Ayisha

  72. Sonia says:

    Happy Birthday! Like you, I love the day of my birthday. You are wonderful, amazing. Do you have the courage to make a difference.

  73. Elaine Wood says:

    Happy Birthday, Kristin ! AWESOME, FUN, SEXY, BEAUTIFUL – WOW !!! ME TOO !!
    lots of love on your special day!! Thank you for going for it and helping others to do the same – you are the inspiration !!! xo

  74. Cyndi Swall says:

    Happy Kristin Day!!!
    I love how you take the term “birth”day literally! Every day is a chance to birth a new reality and this video is a such a beautiful reflection of all your adventures. I rejoice in the knowing that our paths will cross one day soon. You are an inspiration to so many women and to my work in the world. Happiest birthday, Sweet Chica!
    Love and Sunshine,

  75. Connie says:

    What an awesome video! You are such an inspiration! Thank you for inspiring us with your joy and your energy! I wish you the best today and always!
    I wish I had the courage to move forward (financially) and get the coaching I need to make my coaching business take off.
    Love you!

  76. Carolina says:

    Kristin, You’re the polar opposite of what I have allowed myself to be in my life thus far…And I’m grateful for your Light. You have challenged my pre-conceptions of how to be in the world, you’ve expanded the possibilities of who I could be in the world as a woman, you’ve shown me by how you be & live what powerfully femenine, bold, clear, radiant, heart-driven but self-contained looks like and inspired me to be in that possibility.
    These lessons still feel new in my body…I’ve resisted, hid in confusion, sabotaged, played small…you have challenged & triggered me with your fierce boldness, clarity, power, femeninity and self-sufficiency.
    All my life I’ve been hiding my spark, giving my power away, while struggling, striving, competing with the ‘boys’ to prove myself worthy…only to find myself more empty than when I began. That hidden spark in me resonated with that magnificent spark in you and many the many more around. It’s brought me in this journey with you & Teresa. I’m still astounded that you saw me, the real me…that you’ve felt my hidden pain for real. You have shown me a different way. A better way. You tell it like it is. I intend to continue to learn from you and continue to be inspired by you. To be clear on what I want and not be afraid or hesistant to go for what I truly want in my life. To not be held back by fear or feeling small. Most of all, I’m touched by your heart…that you cared enough to help me & share your vision that speaks to me. I’m happy you were born so, YAy!! Happy Birthday indeed! and celebrate your rebirth and that of KSM today!

    • **Kristin Sweeting Morelli** says:

      Oh my dear Carolina, I adore you!! And let me reassure you dear one, I too have felt lost, alone, terrified, held back by fear. It’s universal. YOU helped me to step out. xoxoxo, K

  77. Shirley Pettis says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTEN, Thanks for your contribution to my life!!!!

  78. Cindy Dargin says:

    Gidday Kristin,

    Thank you for your inspiring video. As soon as I saw and hearing the music made me cry instantly the tears could not stop. I guess it had hit a cord deep within. I too want to make a difference in my community, with my family and relatives. I still have personal goals that I want to achieve. Believe it or not you have inspired me to do something now and not to look back but about moving forward. Thank you soooo much love from downunder

    • **Kristin Sweeting Morelli** says:

      me too, me too, me too….I cried too. For days, I walked the trails behind our house, with my pups and got uber inspired about my purpose. I love how this is touching you deeply. xoxo, K

  79. Karen Boda Gottlieb says:

    Dear Dear Kristin, this video made me cry with emotion for you and for all of us whose lives you have touched so deeply. You are an inspiration to every human on this planet, keep rockin girl!!!

  80. Netsanet Amare says:

    Happy Birthday & well done Kristin.
    Thnx for this. I checked out Beyonce’s version at World Humanitarian Day & it was very very inspiring . Plan to celebrate Aug 19 every year…

  81. Sherri Donohue says:

    It was at the Prosperity Tribe live event when I was giving my testimonial on stage for Vivien. I embraced my Spirituality as well as my being an artist: both glass artist and a martial artist as well as showing my dragon tattoo. :)

  82. Zansie says:

    wowza, fab fab video. It has literally left me all abuzz!! Happy happy birthday and a very personal thank you for what you bring to the planet. Awesome xxxxxx

  83. Steve Ulrich says:

    Happy Birthday Kristin, I’ve enjoyed your videos, the Prosperity Tribe, the 2011 Everything is Energy recordings and the impact you have made on this planet, to all those that you touch, all those that you mentor, all those you are a stand for in this world, and most of all the passion you project for all that you believe in and hold most dear! – Steve

  84. Jamie says:

    Kristin! Happy B-Day! You are an inspiration as well as your hubby..;) you both rock!

  85. Heather Burger, Team KSM says:

    You are so amazing! You make me believe in me and believe I can do so much more.

    Hope you have a fabulous Birthday!!!!

  86. Lyn - Melbourne Australia says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kristen!!!
    Wishing you a year ahead full of LOVE PEACE HAPPINESS & ROCKIN’ IT OUT LADY!! Love to see you stepping out and empowering women in an authentic way that allows your gifts to be shared.
    LOVE & LIGHT always,

  87. Sherri Donohue says:

    Amazing video! And there was a cameo of me in there. Woohooo!
    I’m so looking forward to working with both you and David in 2013. I know I have a lot more to offer to the world and truly blessed to have such an awesome person, and team to show me the way.
    Rock on and rock it out!

    • **Kristin Sweeting Morelli** says:

      that’s super cool that you made a cameo appearance! which event? xoxxo for you and your steppin’ out!

  88. Janet says:

    Wishes for an amazing BD for an amazing woman! You are an inspiration to so many of us. You motivate me to let my light shine! Thank you.

  89. Carli Bauzá says:

    ¡Feliz cumpelaños, Kristin! And the boys too! You’re all a big band of beautiful energy that have inspired so many of us. I’m glad to see that you’re pulling out your stops and freeing the purpose you came to fulfill in the female arena. All the bets/best to you on this new path!
    Big hugs from Mexico to you three!

  90. Jennifer says:

    Me and my daughter love what you put out in the world. We are ready to learn and grow with you. Big birthday blessings upon you. xoxxoo

  91. David Morelli says:

    Wow…I just watched the video again…stunning! I’m without words…

    It’s truly incredible!!! And so are you!!! :-) Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  92. paul says:

    Always right on, keep up the wonderous work that you share with so many of us. Thank you Thank you Thank YOU

  93. Johanna Elliott says:

    WOW, what an amazing video. You can see and feel how much you LOVE life. You are such an inspiration to women. Love and many blessings to you on this awesome rockin day :)

  94. Thandi says:

    Avery big fat Birthday wish to you Kristin. I just would like to congratulate you for the gift of youself to the world. I aprreciate it and wish you the best life has still to offer you. Happy Birhday!!!!

  95. Gilly Adkins says:

    YOU ARE AWESOME – way to inspire us girls to get out there and shake our stuff – ‘cos we got good stuff to shake – May this year ROCK your world and ours in the way you do. THANK YOU for inspiring me to get out there and ROCK IT with you!!! much love to you on this day, Gilly xoxox

    • Anya (Team KSM) says:

      Yes, Gilly you DO have good stuff to shake! It is so much fun to have you as part of the Rock Your Biz Mastermind. Lot’s of XX0X00

    • **Kristin Sweeting Morelli** says:

      Big hugs to you my dear Gilly!! You inspire me.

  96. Debra says:

    Happy Birthday Kristin!!! What a fabulous way to celebrate!. You DO have so much to celebrate, and there is so much to celebrate about YOU!!! Much love to you on your birthday, and thank you for inspiring me over the past 18 months in ways that have created much cause for celebration in my life!

    • **Kristin Sweeting Morelli** says:

      woooo hooo Debra!! I love that you’re celebrating your life….celebration brings about more goodness so woo hoo it up lady!

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