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  • Step-by-Step -- EXACTLY how I built my biz from $0 to $3.9 MILLION in 10 months, while working part time! (Plus specific tips on how you can model this type of success.)
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  • How millionaires REALLY think and build their businesses (and if you're not a millionaire, you ain't thinking like this)
  • Why trying to "change your mindset" just isn't working and a few super cool Jedi mind tricks I use to make quantum leaps in my biz and my life.
  • And more.

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Rock it, girl!About me
Kristin Sweeting Morelli

I’m here on a mission because I know exactly what success looks like. At age 30, I retired as a multi-millionaire. But I love, love, love empowering women, so it didn’t take long before I found my way back to the business world as a coach to tens of thousands of women (and some very special men) — building a multi-million dollar business in less than a year, hosting the #3 radio show (behind Oprah), all the while keeping my “job” as a mama as my #1 priority (and just so you know, I didn’t invest any of my own money in biz when I started; I did it like every other woman out there).

In my journey as an entrepreneur, while I was taking epic trips around the world with my family and making a big impact, I saw too many female entrepreneurs working harder than they needed to to have what they want. I saw what worked and what didn’t work. I soon felt a strong pull to help women have everything they dream of and to do it easier, more quickly and with a heckuva a lot more fun!

So, that’s why I’m here. I can help you. All you need to do is to say YES to having what you really want and be willing to be given a hand up from a woman who cares and who's done it.